Re: [xep-support] Helvetica font used without any file references

From: Jon W <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 09:04:02 PDT

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 6:13 AM, Alexei Gagarinov
<> wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> > I have removed every instance of the font Helvetica in every file in
> > my docs workspace (including xep.xml, docbook stylesheets, all
> > files...). Yet, when I build the pdf it still tries to use Helvetica:
> >
> > [warning] could not find any font family matching "Helvetica";
> > replaced by Times New Roman
> >
> Helvetica is the default font family in XEP.
> It means that Helevetica is used when no font family is specified in FO
> file.
> The default font family is defined by the @default-family attribute of the
> <fonts> element.
> Did you removed the @default-family (changed, left untouched)?
> Could you set @default-family='Courier'?
> Is there any warning/error issued by XEP?
> Best regards,
> Alexei Gagarinov
> RenderX
> ---

Hi Alexei.

I set the default font to "Times New Roman", but there are still cases
where XEP tries to use Helvetica, even though I don't use Helvetica in
any code. The only way I can stop XEP from using Helvetica is to
comment out the Helvetica font-family in xep.xml. Then XEP will still
issue a warning that it is trying to use Helvetica, but as it is not
found the "Times New Roman" font is used.

Here is the warning from XEP:
   [warning] could not find any font family matching "Helvetica";
replaced by Times New Roman

<fonts xmlns=""
         default-family="Times New Roman">

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