Re: [xep-support] Helvetica font used without any file references

From: Alexei Gagarinov <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 2008 - 05:13:45 PDT

Hi Jon,

> I have removed every instance of the font Helvetica in every file in
> my docs workspace (including xep.xml, docbook stylesheets, all
> files...). Yet, when I build the pdf it still tries to use Helvetica:
> [warning] could not find any font family matching "Helvetica";
> replaced by Times New Roman

Helvetica is the default font family in XEP.
It means that Helevetica is used when no font family is specified in FO
The default font family is defined by the @default-family attribute of
the <fonts> element.
Did you removed the @default-family (changed, left untouched)?

Could you set @default-family='Courier'?
Is there any warning/error issued by XEP?

Best regards,
   Alexei Gagarinov

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