Re: [xep-support] Programmatically configuring COMPRESS option

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 - 02:36:30 PST

Jason Zaugg wrote:
> Is it possibly to programmatically configure the COMPRESS option for
> the PDF backend?
> I have tried passing options of "COMPRESS" and "PDF.COMPRESS" without success.

Hello Jason,

To configure a generator, pass required options as the third argument
for FOTarget constructor:
   java.util.Properties PDFopts = new java.util.Properties();
   PDFopts.setProperty("COMPRESS", "false");
   xep.render(source, new com.renderx.xep.FOTarget(out, "PDF", PDFopts));

Your question better suites for private '' list,
which is devoted to integration of RenderX products, than here.
'' is a public list devoted to general 'howto'
and XSL FO related questions. Your other question about
DeflaterOutputStream and 32-core monster will be handled via private
support. API is not public.

Best regards,
Michael Sulyaev
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