Re: [xep-support] Table handling differences across platforms

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 10:23:50 PST

Andy Wu wrote:
> I'm finding that the output of tables is not consistent between 2
> different deployments of XEP - one on Windows, the other on Linux.
> Both are running the same versions of XEP so OS is the only
> differentiating factor I can see between the 2. Is there anything I'm
> missing or are these indeed bugs?

Hello Andy,

XEP is a Java application. If the same Java program produces different
results in different systems and/or JREs, it must be an issue of the JRE
on a particular system. But I hope this is not the case, and you might
be making a mistake declaring exactly the same versions of XEP and
exactly the same configurations of XEP producing so much different
results on Linux and Windows.

Please send a minimal source FO file which shows the three issues you
observe, so that me or somebody else on the list can reproduce (or fail
to reproduce) your results.

Best regards,
Michael Sulyaev
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