[xep-support] Problem on left align of table on page vs hanging indent

From: Michaud, Jean-Francois <Jean-Francois.Michaud@boeing.com>
Date: Tue Jul 10 2007 - 06:13:10 PDT

Hello guys,

I was wondering if anybody here had implemented a solution where Tables
are aligned according to what the hanging indent tells us when there is
a potential for the table overflowing in the right margin or out of the

I did some research a while back and came to the conclusion at that time
that it wasn't possible to have both (either we align on the hanging
indent and if there is a potential for a table to be 6.75 inches wide
then we can have a page overflow or we align on the left content margin
and if the case occurs where we have 6.75 inch tables, we're safely
covered but table alignment is not entierly intuitive from a visual

The best would be to sum up the hanging indent values for me to compare
against the total width of the table.

Basically, knowing that a page can contain a table that's 6.75 inches
wide, I would do:

If [6.75 - sum(hierarchical hanging indents) > sum(table column widths)]
     Align on left of current hanging indent
     Align on left of page to prevent overflow

The problem is that, from what I understand, the hanging indents are
dynamically calculated at runtime, which means I can't grab the values
so that I can send them downwards until a table element is reached which
means I can't implement the above logic which means I'm stuck having to
align on the left of the page to prevent potential table/page overflows.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Michaud

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