Re: [xep-support] floats

From: Dave Pawson <>
Date: Sun Jul 08 2007 - 09:14:35 PDT

On 08/07/07, G. Ken Holman <> wrote:

> >Why should it finish the second list item *before* looking
> >at formatting the float?
> Because your <float> element comes after the </block> of text in the
> list item. So, in the block progression direction your formatting
> point is immediately after the text in the list item.

Yes. Makes sense.

> The float area therefore starts at the current flowing position in
> the block progression direction, but because it is out of line it
> doesn't move the current flowing position.
> Another way of thinking about it, how would the processor know how
> far back to go if the float was somehow associated with the flowing
> of information that happened before it was encountered.

It's the association that has me confused.
Sitting with siblings either side, it could take inline space from
its preceding or following sibling block though?

> >Is the 'plain English' version that the float steals space from
> >the next fo in the block-progression-direction ?
> Actually, it steals space from the next FO in the
> inline-progression-direction and doesn't change place in the
> block-progression direct.

Except in the examples we've quoted there is nothing in
the inline direction?.... Or is this just terminology?
It steals space from the inline-progression-direction of the following
sibling block element.
I guess we're using different words for the same thing.

> Reading FO 1.1 Section 6.12.2 I note the bullet points following the
> paragraph "The following constriants pply to fo:float formtating
> objects that generate areas with area-class xsl-side-float". Here it
> talks about the width of the float being the intrinsic width of child
> areas (which is why I used a block container to constrain the width),
> and it talks about the impact on intrusion adjustments described in
> 4.4.2 to "account for the indentation that occurs as the result of
> side floats".
> I think the text as written does an effective job of spelling it all
> out.

Yes, the width of the float is not an issue.

I think I can stand by my statement that the spec doesn't state
which sibling space should be taken from?

Anyway I understand it now.

Thanks Ken.


Dave Pawson
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