[xep-support] Line break problem/question

From: Steve Anderson <steveo@member.fsf.org>
Date: Thu Oct 05 2006 - 11:04:28 PDT

I've got an FO file with the following markup:

<fo:list-item-body start-indent="body-start()">
    <fo:block>All queues, including those for cases and leads, are now created
                in a single location under
        <fo:inline line-height="100%"
          <fo:inline font-weight="bold" line-height="100%">Setup</fo:inline>
          <fo:inline line-height="100%" font-family="ZapfDingbats">?</fo:inline>
          <fo:inline font-weight="bold" line-height="100%">Manage
          <fo:inline line-height="100%" font-family="ZapfDingbats">?</fo:inline>
          <fo:inline font-weight="bold" line-height="100%">Queues</fo:inline>

The problem I'm running into is that I get a line break before the
period that's the last character in the block. Anybody know how I can
avoid that? Since this is generated FO, I'd like a general solution,
rather than adding keep-together.within-lines="always" to the block
for this specific case.

I suppose I could, while generating, look for specific cases and add a
wrapping fo:inline with keep-together.within-lines="always" like this:

        <fo:inline keep-together.within-line="always">
          <fo:inline font-weight="bold" line-height="100%">Queues</fo:inline>

but I'm really looking for a more elegant solution in the FO.


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