Re: [xep-support] XML catalogs in XEP

From: Marc Baaden <>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 03:50:01 PDT

Hello Alexander (and many others with excellent tips),

your hints helped a lot. Being on Debian, I could install the xml-commons
tools by simply doing:

  apt-get install libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java

I then modified your xep.bat (as I am on Linux), which seems to work fine
now. I attach it in case there are other Linux users who may find it useful.

What I don't quite understand is where you define the fact that the file is to be read in the /usr/local/XEP/lib
directory. (I am asking this because I had another script that embeds an
XEP call, and this one complains about "Cannot find")


>>> Alexander Peshkov said:
>> Hello Marc,
>> You are right, the link to Sun website is outdated (we should fix the
>> documentation). Sun has donated whole XML catalogs resolver stuff to
>> Apache project. Its new home is the xml-commons tools. It can be
>> downloaded from Apache website:
>> xml-commons distribution (
>> downloadable from
>> This resolver.jar has new paths, specifically you need to use:
>> Please find attached modified version of xep.bat along with sample
>> and catalog.xml files which map references
>> to SVG DTDs to the local files. Both and
>> catalog.xml as well as resolver.jar and SVG DTDs are supposed to be
>> placed into 'lib' subdirectory of XEP installation (actually DTD files
>> expected in 'lib/common/dtd/'). Please modify all paths to match your
>> system configuration.
>> Hope this helps.

Marc Baaden

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