Re: [xep-support] merging multiple FO documents into PDF

From: Peter Gerstbach <>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 02:47:33 PDT

Krystof Slaby wrote:
> For some reason we have to generate multiple documents from XML,
> merge them and automaticaly deploy as single PDF.

> I have to stress that it is deployment of multiple documents, possibly with
> different formating, definitaly with restarting of page (and marker) numbering.
> This is the reason for not merging FO files.

Two possible solutions come to my mind:

1) you can youse a PDF library, such as iText[1], that can merge PDFs

2) you can merge two or more fo files into one by generating a
page-sequence for each input file. Each sequence will start on a new
page, the initial page number can be set using the property

Maybe XEP provides a solutions for this as well - at least I don't know it.


[1] iText:
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