Re: [xep-support] Special characters

From: Thomas Schraitle <>
Date: Thu Apr 21 2005 - 23:03:02 PDT


On Friday 22 April 2005 03:44, Dan Vint wrote:
> What has to happen to make sure that the typical ISO entity set
> characters are supported (i.e. that they will print)?
> I have defined an entity as rarr and mapped it to a value of &#x2192;
> in my DTD. From what I can see this is the proper Unicode value for the
> right facing arrow. Arbortext displays this character properly in the
> document but when I process with XEP there is nothing in the output and
> no errors or warnings.

I assume the font doesn't contain this glyph.

> I would really like to have all the standard entity names work.

Use a font which supports all the glyphs you need.

> Note that I'm not doing anything tricky with fonts, I refer to the
> generic font families (serif/sanserief) so I hopped this would be a
> default situation.

As far as I can see, the default situation serif/sanserif maps to Times
and Helvetica---if you don't remap this definition in "xep.xml". These
fonts are not Unicode complete, they have a very limited set. For
example, if you have a Japanese glyph it will probably not be displayed,
because it's not there.

> It would also be nice if there was a character not
> being printed that there was some warning displayed to give you a heads
> up to go look for a problem.

I agree, RenderX should give some sort of a warning if some glyphs are not


Thomas Schraitle <>
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