Re: [xep-support] Calling XEP from a java class

From: Alexander Peshkov <>
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 03:08:36 PST

Hello Bhathena,

BH> Hi,

BH> Issue 1-
BH> I am currently working with the XEP 4.2 trial version. I need to call
BH> XEP from a java class which will in turn be invoked by a servlet.
BH> Currently I create a String array (params) of all the XEP paramters.
BH> Then I call com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver.main( params ). This is similar
BH> to calling xep.bat. Is there some other way to call XEP ??

Actually XEP trial isn't supposed to be used like that.
XEP has an extensive API that allows to integrate it in the customer
applications. To use this API you need "Integration & Connectivity
Kit". You can read more about it here:

BH> Issue 2-
BH> I use 'fo:external-graphic' tag with a relative path to the image
BH> files. XEP considers a relative path starting from the directory of the
BH> XSL file. Is there some way I can define a different base path for
BH> images ?? Can such a thing be configured using XEP.xml ??

You should use appropriate xml:base directive in your document, please
refer to XEP documentation:

BH> I am unable to find the XML Schema or DTD for XEP.xml. Can you provide that to me.

It is available in XEP documentation (namely in reference.pdf included
in XEP distribution). You can read it on-line here:

BH> Regards,
BH> Homyar.


BH> Thank you for choosing LinuxQuestions.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov

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