Re: Re[2]: [xep-support] Pagination problem.

From: David Priest <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 07:38:17 PST

Really does sound more like a job for Ventura and its XML layout engine.
With scripting, it can do the job automagically. I suggest tracking down
the Ventura user group on the Corel newserver and asking Alan for help;
he's an absolute master of Ventura.

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 02:37:48 -0800, Michael Sulyaev <>

> Hello, Anshul.
>> I didn’t get any response for the problem stated below. If there
>> is no possible method in the renderx which supports this problem,
>> can you suggest some PDF text editing tool? We need to add some
>> blank pages and insert some pages in the generated PDF.
> XSL-FO does not provide any means to implement pagination logic you
> described.
> If you need to publish just one document, it would probably be easier
> to do with Adobe Acrobat, which allows to insert pages in PDF document
> and split documents.
> Otherwise, if you are trying to build a system which would publish
> different documents, there is an approach based on post-processing
> of XEP intermediate format (XEPOUT). Write XSLT to split document into
> parts according to the rules you specified, change page numbers,
> insert pages, and bind parts together. This approach has a drawback:
> if you have any fo:page-number-citations, these references will be
> broken after inserting blank pages. This can hardly be fixed
> automatically.
>> We have the following requirements. We are using renderx for
>> transformation.
>> ********************************************************************
>> Publication will be broken into volumes if the publication exceeds 320
>> pages.
>> The publication is printed as a series of "signatures" on a web
>> press. A signature (sig) is 32 pages. The signatures are collected
>> and bound together to create a volume.
>> The following rules apply when dividing a publication into volumes:
>> 1.      The maximum number of signatures that can be bound
>> together by the equipment at OSP is 10.  Therefore, the maximum
>> number of pages in one volume of the publication is 320 (10 sigs *
>> 32 pages per sig).
>> 2.      The number of signatures per volume must be "balanced". 
>> That is, if a publication requires 26 sigs, the sigs should be split
>> as equally as possible among the volumes with the first, second, and
>> third volumes containing 9, 9, and 8 sigs, respectively.
>> 3. The very last signature of a publication may contain 16 pages.
>> 4. A blank page is added to the end of each volume except the
>> last volume.  The blank pages are included in the publication's
>> total page count.  A static calendar should be displayed on the end
>> page.   If total pages are 16 then blank pages should be inserted
>> till 31 and 32nd page should be a calendar.
>> ********************************************************************
>> Any idea how to handle this pagination logic.
>> Thanks,
>> Anshul Katoch

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