Re[2]: [xep-support] Pagination problem.

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 02:37:48 PST

Hello, Anshul.

> I didnít get any response for the problem stated below. If there
> is no possible method in the renderx which supports this problem,
> can you suggest some PDF text editing tool? We need to add some
> blank pages and insert some pages in the generated PDF.

XSL-FO does not provide any means to implement pagination logic you

If you need to publish just one document, it would probably be easier
to do with Adobe Acrobat, which allows to insert pages in PDF document
and split documents.

Otherwise, if you are trying to build a system which would publish
different documents, there is an approach based on post-processing
of XEP intermediate format (XEPOUT). Write XSLT to split document into
parts according to the rules you specified, change page numbers,
insert pages, and bind parts together. This approach has a drawback:
if you have any fo:page-number-citations, these references will be
broken after inserting blank pages. This can hardly be fixed

> We have the following requirements. We are using renderx for transformation.
> ********************************************************************
> Publication will be broken into volumes if the publication exceeds 320 pages.
> The publication is printed as a series of "signatures" on a web
> press. A signature (sig) is 32 pages. The signatures are collected
> and bound together to create a volume.
> The following rules apply when dividing a publication into volumes:
> 1.††††† The maximum number of signatures that can be bound
> together by the equipment at OSP is 10.† Therefore, the maximum
> number of pages in one volume of the publication is 320 (10 sigs *
> 32 pages per sig).
> 2.††††† The number of signatures per volume must be "balanced".†
> That is, if a publication requires 26 sigs, the sigs should be split
> as equally as possible among the volumes with the first, second, and
> third volumes containing 9, 9, and 8 sigs, respectively.

> 3. The very last signature of a publication may contain 16 pages.

> 4. A blank page is added to the end of each volume except the
> last volume.† The blank pages are included in the publication's
> total page count.† A static calendar should be displayed on the end
> page.†† If total pages are 16 then blank pages should be inserted
> till 31 and 32nd page should be a calendar.
> ********************************************************************
> Any idea how to handle this pagination logic.

> Thanks,
> Anshul Katoch
> †

Best regards,
 Michael Sulyaev               
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