Re: [xep-support] Text block problems (v3.8.1)

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 06:22:53 PST

Hello Stijn,

Friday, December 17, 2004, 4:16:53 PM, you wrote:
SE> 1) How can I implement multiple enters in a text block? A single enter (carriage return, line feed) is easy using
SE> <xsl:template match="RETURN">
SE> <fo:block/>
<!-- Sequential empty blocks collapse. Add zero-leaders like this: -->
  <fo:block><fo:leader leader-length="0pt"/></fo:block>
SE> </xsl:template>
SE> but this doesn't produce an enter if the text starts with <RETURN/>. Also: multiple <RETURN/>'s reduce to only one enter using this method, how can this be solved?

SE> 2) I wrote a VB 6.0 application that uses (resizeable and moveable) text boxes to let the user enter custom text. This text box (the text itself, top, left, width, height, size, font, color,
SE> emphasis and horizontal alignment properties) is transformed into XML (TEXT element with LEFT, TOP, WIDTH, HEIGHT, SIZE, FONT, COLOR, EMPH and HALIGN attributes) and rendered using XEP. It works
SE> fine (the transformation is correct), but there appears to be a slight difference in text positioning (inside the box/block) between VB text boxes and RenderX text blocks. For a rather large font
SE> size, this difference can be more than 2 mm and is really unacceptable. Is there perhaps somebody who knows how to eliminate (or at least reduce) this effect in an easy way?
You said the difference depends on font size. So I suppose that
kerning could be the issue. Try turning it off or on in XEP.
SE> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

SE> Sincerely,
SE> Stijn Elst.

Best regards,
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