[xep-support] Re: Two columns problem.

From: Alexander Peshkov <peshkov@renderx.com>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 04:03:22 PST

Hello Anshul,

your message bounced from xep-support list because of attachment. Big
attachments are not allowed in our public list.
If you need a sample to to demonstrate the problem it is recommended
to send it as a source XSL-FO file, not as a resulting PDF.

In this particular case it's not quite clear for me what the layout is
(rectangles that overlay actual data seems rather strange to me).
I suppose that your table is placed into two-column layout and you
want header rows to appear at the same level in both columns. The
discrepancy in their positioning most probably caused by space-before
applied to the table - it is present in the first column (when the
table starts), but absent at the beginning of the second column.
If that's the case I would suggest you to remove space-before
attribute from the table and use other means to create spacing if

If my guesswork is incorrect it will be helpful if you describe your
requirements in more details and provide us with source XSL-FO.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov mailto:peshkov@renderx.com

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AK> From: "Katoch, Anshul" <anshul.katoch@lc.ca.gov>
AK> Subject: Two colmns problem.
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AK> Hi,

AK> I am facing problem when I am separating the body into two columns. I have
AK> to display a long text on the top of the page and after that I need to
AK> display a table which can go to multiple pages. I am facing problem while
AK> aligning the table headers in one line on the first page. Pls. find the
AK> attached sample report.

AK> Thanks,
AK> Anshul

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