Re: [xep-support] version numbers?

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 01:41:23 PST

Hi Bob,

version numbers are major.minor-build_date, that is,


would be version 4.2 built on March, 15 2005.

The major number will remain unchanged through the lifespan
of the current interfaces/design decisions/licensing schemes.
The minor number denominates a feature release, such as addition
of support for new output format, or changed interpretation
of XSL FO recommendation. The build date is the date when the
software is compiled and packaged.

RenderX developers make minor changes to the source code which
either don't change the behavior at all, or fix a bug which is
urgent to fix and only affects a small number of users.

I decided not to announce the minor releases, mainly because
if what you have works for you you should not bother to download
a new build. We have other news to share, and I am trying to keep
noise at low level to let the news stand out. When RenderX fixes
a bug, it just builds a new distribution and lets the user who
experienced a problem to download the updated one. If a bug
is serious enough to command an update for most, or many, users,
RenderX announces it on

> The zip files are not the same size, so something is changing. But I can't
> find any information on your new minimalist website about the differences
> between these versions. Can you explain your versioning system for 4.0?

I hope RenderX will ad more content to the site over time. Do you
think it is inconvenient to use as it is now?

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