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From: <CRW150@yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 09:46:33 PDT


I've read the documentation, Googled, and read related threads here but
still can't get my external links to work. I'm using XEP 3.8.4 Trial
Version. All my files are local. By "external link" I mean a link
from one pdf document to another pdf document that is in the same
folder. In this case, "Main.pdf" and "Index.pdf" are in the same
folder. I'm reasonably certain that my code is correct. It looks like

<!--in the main document-->
  <fo:inline id="mention-{generate-id(.)}">
<!--in the index document-->
   <fo:block id="person.{generate-id(.)}">

My fo in the two resulting fo documents looks like this:

<fo:inline id="mention-d0e225" color="#CC6666"><fo:basic-link

<fo:block font-weight="bold" id="person.d0e225"><fo:basic-link

However, clicking a link in one pdf document only takes me to page 1 of
the other pdf document, not to the correct location within the
document. I tried opening both documents before clicking a link, and
that didn't help. What am I'm doing wrong? I have no programming
background, so perhaps it's a matter of configuration or some other
issue I'm not aware of. Or, is the problem not with XEP but with
Adobe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Susan L.

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