Re: [xep-support] [docbook-apps] Internal document links - best practices?

From: Susan Korgen (
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 16:07:23 PDT

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    I appreciate your response very much. I provided some answers, inline,

    At 03:10 AM 10/22/2004 +0500, you wrote:
    >Do you a link from one PDF file to another one to work when
    >the file is opened in Acrobat Reader?

    Yes, this is what we want.

    >Are the files local?


    Initially, we simply want to link to PDF files that are "local" (on the
    same machine). However, now that you mention it, I can easily imagine our
    customers asking to link to PDF files that are "remote" (on a different
    machine). I hadn't thought of that but it might become important, later.
    Can you give me some idea of what's involved? Is the "remote" case a
    straightforward variation on the "local" case, or ......?

    Many thanks,

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