[xep-support] overflow properly as "hidden"

From: Chen, Cindy \(C\)\(STP\) (Cindy.Chen@guidant.com)
Date: Thu Oct 21 2004 - 13:57:44 PDT

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    Hi all,

    Can anyone please give me a simple example of how "overflow" property may work with XEP 4.0? According to XEP4.0 reference guide, "overflow" property is supported with following limitations:
    "Supported on absolutely positioned elements with fixed dimensions, and regions that host static content. When 'error-if-overflow' is specified, a warning is issued on overflow, and the element is discarded in the same way as for 'hidden' value. "
    What I would like to achieve is to allow text to be truncated if the text overflows the reference area. So I defined block-container as:
                <fo:block-container inline-progression-dimension="2in" overflow="hidden">
                    <fo:block wrap-option="no-wrap" inline-progression-dimension="2in">
                        long text here............

    I put the statement inside the staic content of "region-before" or put it inside the "region-body". None of them worked as I expected.


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