Re: [xep-support] Alignment/space issue with an SVG image in FO with XEP

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 14:45:58 PDT

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    William McVey:
    > On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 10:48, William McVey wrote:
    > > When rendered with XEP
    > > 3.7.8, I get an annoying one or two pixel gap between the top of the SVG
    > > element and the enclosing block
    > Thinking that the problem might have been a bug that was fixed in later
    > releases, I upgraded to XEP 3.8.4 and checked out the generated PDF.
    > It's still has the annoying gap between the fo:block and the
    > fo:instream-foreign-object. I was surprised though to see that the

    This is issue was covered in detail in the past. What you are seeing
    is line-leading. Set line-height to 0 on the enclosing block and the gap
    will disappear. The XSL FO Recommendation thoroughly discusses line-stacking-strategy
    and calculation of leadings.

    > effect I was shooting for is now even more broken than it was before. I
    > think the "problem" is related to the following blurb in the WhatsNew
    > document:
    > Bug fixes
    > =========
    > - Width and height on fo:block elements is duly ignored;
    > This leads me to wonder what I *should* be using to say that I want a
    > floating fo:block element of a particular width. Also, I guess I don't
    > understand why the bug fix is to ignore this attribute. It would seem
    > that section 7.14.12 indicates the width would be the appropriate
    > attribute to use to force the block to be a particular dimension.

    The bug fix is to ignore the attribute is because according to XSL FO Recommendation,
    width and height do not apply to fo:block, but only to fo:block-container
    (and other reference-areas). Compare 6.5.2 and 6.5.3.

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