Re: [xep-support] Alignment/space issue with an SVG image in FO with XEP

From: William McVey (
Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 14:16:30 PDT

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    On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 10:48, William McVey wrote:
    > When rendered with XEP
    > 3.7.8, I get an annoying one or two pixel gap between the top of the SVG
    > element and the enclosing block

    Thinking that the problem might have been a bug that was fixed in later
    releases, I upgraded to XEP 3.8.4 and checked out the generated PDF.
    It's still has the annoying gap between the fo:block and the
    fo:instream-foreign-object. I was surprised though to see that the
    effect I was shooting for is now even more broken than it was before. I
    think the "problem" is related to the following blurb in the WhatsNew

            Bug fixes
            - Width and height on fo:block elements is duly ignored;

    This leads me to wonder what I *should* be using to say that I want a
    floating fo:block element of a particular width. Also, I guess I don't
    understand why the bug fix is to ignore this attribute. It would seem
    that section 7.14.12 indicates the width would be the appropriate
    attribute to use to force the block to be a particular dimension.

    Again, any and all help would be appreciated.

      -- William

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