Re: [xep-support] PDF Properties

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Oct 08 2004 - 00:25:12 PDT

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    Hello Christopher,

    As I can see from the code cited below you insert processing
    instructions into the XSLT stylesheet and thus they will be consumed
    by XSLT engine, not by XEP. In order to insert processing instructions
    into the output document you have to use appropriate XSLT constructs
    like this:


    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    PC> Hi All,

    PC> I'm attempting to set a number of document of properties using the snippet
    PC> below. Everything works fine apart from the xep-pdf-linearize option which
    PC> I can get to work. To check this I am looking at the 'Fast web view' status
    PC> in the document properties summary.

    PC> Can anyone advise?

    PC> Thanks in advance

    PC> Chris Parr

    PC> <?xep-pdf-ownerpassword "chris"?>

    PC> <?xep-pdf-userprivileges print copy annotate?>
    PC> <?xep-pdf-linearize xep-pdf-linearize?>
    PC> <fo:root xmlns:fo=""
    PC> xmlns:rx=""
    PC> font-family="{$}"
    PC> font-weight="{$default.font.weight}"
    PC> font-size="{$default.font.size}"
    PC> text-align="{$default.text.align}"
    PC> line-stacking-strategy="font-height">

    PC> <rx:meta-info>
    PC> <rx:meta-field name="author" value="Sweet
    PC> &amp; Maxwell - based on Crown Copyright materials"/>
    PC> <xsl:choose>
    PC> <xsl:when
    PC> test="descendant::act-begin">
    PC> <rx:meta-field name="title"
    PC> value="{/document/legislation/fulltext/act-begin/shorttitle/text()}"/>
    PC> </xsl:when>
    PC> <xsl:otherwise>
    PC> <rx:meta-field name="title"
    PC> value="{/document/legislation/fulltext/si-begin/shorttitle/text()}"/>
    PC> </xsl:otherwise>
    PC> </xsl:choose>
    PC> <rx:meta-field name="subject" value=""/>
    PC> <rx:meta-field name="keywords" value=""/>
    PC> </rx:meta-info>

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