[xep-support] Table causing an out of memory exception.

From: Parr, Christopher (christopher.parr@thomson.com)
Date: Fri Jul 30 2004 - 07:12:24 PDT

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    Hi All,

    I'm under pressure to get a job finished for a project and I've hit a
    problem. It doesn't help that I'm brand new to XEP.

    As part of the process I am converting roughly 83,000 xml documents to PDF.
    Tables are giving me a problem. For the occasional document I come across a
    problem where XEP seems to get stuck creating page after page until my java
    process runs out of memory (this isn't a memory problem as I have assigned
    up to a gig of memory).

    I've narrowed the issue down to the following problem:

    I have a table and I am inserting text into a column. Occasionally when the
    text in the table column runs off the bottom of the page, rather than
    starting a new page and carrying on the problem I stated above happens. I
    have tried keep-with-next and previous to force the whole block onto the
    next page as opposed to it running over but to no avail.

    Does this problem ring any bells with anyone???

    If this is caused by a newbie mistake then I apologise, but I can't for the
    life of me figure it out.


    Thanks in advance

    Chris Parr

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