From: mleim@gmx.at
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 08:18:45 PDT

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    I'm currently evaluating XEP.NET 3.8 and I want to use it in a web scenario
    for generating PDF reports. I'm sorry, but I was not able to answer the
    questions below with the information provided on the XEP website. Please
    help me:

    1. The XEP website tells me that I can get "XEP.NET v3 developer, stamped"
    for $0. Can I use this edition for "real" development? How can I get this

    2. If I buy "XEP.NET v3 server", how many developer licenses are included?

    3. What are the functional differences between server and developer edition?

    4. I want to use XML Spy to write my XSLT files which produce XSL-FO which
    get rendered as PDF. Once finished, I want to use the XSLT stylesheet in my
    ASP.NET application. Is there a possibility to use the .NET version in XML
    Spy? If no, do I have to buy the Java version in addition to the .NET
    version for developing my stylesheets in XML Spy?

    5. Are there any differences among the Java and the .NET version?

    6. Although it is possible to get detailed error messages when using the
    "bin\validator.exe" commandline tool, it would be really helpful to get
    detailed error messages when XSL-FO formatting is initiated by XML Spy. Is
    this possible? (Would really be a productivity feature for a developer.)

    7. Only "Code 128" barcodes are supported out of the box, but I have to use
    "Code 128c". How can I render "Code 128c" barcodes with XEP?

    8. If I buy XEP now, are there any software updates included? If yes, how

    9. Do you have any experience with XEP running on multiprocessor machines?

    Thanks for your reply!

    With kind regards,

    Markus Leimhofer

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