Re: [xep-support] XEP 3.8: Background color in table cell

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 10:25:52 PDT

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    > The attached sample produces a result for which I have no explanation.
    > It is a table with two columns and three rows. The middle row has the
    > background-color set. This has the effect that a small portion of the
    > cell borders is taken away. This is odd because the background is painted
    > in the padding rectangle.

    It looks more like a pixel rounding effect in Acrobat. If you zoom
    the PDF in, the effect seemingly diappears. Your file also prints OK.
    So my impression is that the background rectangle is correctly sized.

    I admit however that the Z-order can be made a bit more friendly: one
    should draw all backgrounds first, and all borders afterwards, so that
    a background could not overlap the border of another cell. Thank you
    for the input; we will consider this as a request for improvement.

    If your file is for the print, you need not care: the effect only happens
    on the screen. If you are building an electronic document, then
    a simple workaround for XEP 3.8 is to specify a uniform border
    on every cell. That is, if you restyle the table this way, it would
    produce the same visual effect without the overlap problems:

    <fo:table border-collapse="separate"
              border="0.1pt solid black">
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....
            <fo:table-row background-color="rgb(221, 221, 221)">
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....
                <fo:table-cell border="0.1pt solid black"> ....

    Here, each cell has its own border, that is guaranteed to be drawn
    on top of the respective background. This prevents backgrounds from
    creeping into nearby cells.

    Nikolai Grigoriev
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