Re: [xep-support] border conditionality

From: Chris Bowditch (
Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 05:44:33 PDT

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    Alexander Peshkov wrote:

    > Hello Chris,
    > Conditionality for borders is implemented and works fine, but
    > according to XSL-FO specification you have to specify it for each
    > component, not for shorthands. Moreover, according to the spec you
    > must use relative components (which are evaluated with respect to
    > current writing-mode). Therefore the following properties are valid
    > and will work:
    > border-before-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-after-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-start-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-end-width.conditionality="retain"
    > but these are incorrect:
    > border-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border.conditionality="retain"
    > border-top-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-bottom-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-left-width.conditionality="retain"
    > border-right-width.conditionality="retain"

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for your quick response and it does work as described above. I was
    trying border-left-width, which is why I still got the message.


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