Re: [xep-support] the order of the conditional-page-master-reference

From: Marc (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 09:28:36 PST

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    Thanks a lot for this answer, I don't read anything about this in the specification, but it's really comprehensible.


    On Mon, 29 Mar 2004 07:51:47 -0500, you wrote:

    >At 2004-03-29 14:25 +0200, Marc wrote:
    >>I found a problem with the fo:conditional-page-master-reference, it's
    >>about the order of the element when there is a page-postion attribute.
    >No problem from what I see ... a processor looks at a given set of
    >conditional page master references in document order of the stylesheet and
    >the first one to test true (not "the most specific one") is the one that is
    >to be used.
    >In your example, you ordered less-specific choices first so they tested
    >true before the processor had a chance to test the more-specific
    >choices. The rule of thumb is to order more-specific choices earlier in
    >the testing list so that they are regarded before those tests that test
    >true more easily.
    >I hope this helps.
    >...................... Ken

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