[xep-support] Type 1 Font Embedding

From: Victor Mote (vic@portagepub.com)
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 07:12:01 PST

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    I am embedding a Type1 font in a PDF, using XEP 3.7.5 Client. Non-ASCII
    glyphs in the font do not appear to be getting embedded (e.g. emdash,
    copyright, quoteright). The font is an unedited Adobe font (Acaslon

    Here is what I have done to troubleshoot so far:

    1. Checked the fo input to ensure that the character(s) really are in the
    2. Opened the font with a font editor so see that the glyph is actually in
    the font, and that it is named as expected. No problems found.
    3. Checked the Adobe Glyph List to make sure the Unicode-to-name mapping was
    as expected. No problems found.
    4. Opened the AFM file for the font to see that the character is there and
    named as expected. No problems found.
    5. Tried embedding both a subset and the entire font into the PDF. (I
    theorized that perhaps the subsetting was not working properly). This, in
    some cases, gave different results. For example, a copyright symbol, which
    appeared blank in the output when subsetted, appears as an apostrophe (')
    when subsetting is turned off.

    It is not possible to tell for sure, but it appears that the metrics in the
    output are correct, i.e. that the correct amount of space is being used up
    in the output. So:

    6. Tried copying text from the PDF and pasting it into a Unicode-aware
    application. The correct characters are pasted (i.e. if a copyright
    character is in the input, a copyright character is pasted).

    The only theory that makes sense right now is that the metrics are embedded
    correctly in the PDF, but that the glyphs are not. Or, more likely, that I
    am missing some concept.

    TIA for any help you can provide. I'll be glad to post resources necessary
    to troubleshoot, but I wanted to do a sanity check before going to that

    Victor Mote (mailto:vic@portagepub.com)
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