Re: [xep-support] Index Sort Problem (no index output produced when sort statement is used)

From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Wed Feb 18 2004 - 17:47:20 PST

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    At 2004-02-18 17:29 -0500, Chris Cosentino wrote:
    >Thanks Ken, that did the trick.

    I'm glad!

    >Thanks for your book too! It has been very helpful. I suppose I should go
    >buy a book on XSLT now as well :-)

    Well, I've written one of those as well! The first electronic edition of
    my XSLT book predates the first electronic edition of my XSL-FO book by two
    and a half years, and is now in its eleventh edition. The electronic
    edition of my XSL-FO book is now in its fifth edition. Both editions were
    released earlier this month (all future electronic editions of a title are
    available at no charge to any customer of any electronic edition of that
    title). Free excerpts and details on purchasing copies are linked from our
    home page (noted below) in the right marginalia (top link).

    Good luck in your project!

    ..................... Ken

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