Re: [xep-support] Complex Running Headers

From: Eliot Kimber (
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 08:32:56 PST

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    Chris Bowditch wrote:

    > Eliot Kimber wrote:
    >> You can't do it in XSL 1.0 within *table* headers or footers (but you
    >> will be able to in XSL 1.1 as currently formulated).
    > This isnt the right forum for this discussion, but I would just to point
    > out that we wont be able to solve our running total in a table
    > requirements with the 1.1 spec as it stands. There seems to be no way of
    > specifying that the footer should not occur on the last page that the
    > table occurs, i.e. running totals are only required when there is a
    > page-break in the table.

    Actually you can by generating the footer row markup entirely within the
    marker and then having the last marker in the table create a footer with
    zero-height content.



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