Re: [xep-support] Complex Running Headers

From: Chris Bowditch (
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 01:41:09 PST

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    Eliot Kimber wrote:

    > You can't do it in XSL 1.0 within *table* headers or footers (but you
    > will be able to in XSL 1.1 as currently formulated).

    This isnt the right forum for this discussion, but I would just to point
    out that we wont be able to solve our running total in a table
    requirements with the 1.1 spec as it stands. There seems to be no way of
    specifying that the footer should not occur on the last page that the
    table occurs, i.e. running totals are only required when there is a
    page-break in the table.


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