Re: [xep-support] float overlap

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2004 - 02:05:32 PST

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    Hello Steve,

    I don't think I quite understand what do you mean by 'compensate' in
    this case. However I should note that overlap you observe appears due
    to the 'width' specified on the fo:block. This attribute is not
    supposed to be applicable to the fo:block element and thus must be
    treated as an error in the XSL FO source, but XEP still applies it. To
    achieve sane appearance of the document you just have to fix your XSL
    FO source - move 'width' from fo:block to surrounding fo:table-cell.
    I think we should have disabled use of the 'width' property on
    fo:block before. Thanks for bringing this problem into light.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    FS> Hi,

    FS> I'm having an issue with using fo:float. The floats appear on the right
    FS> side of the page, in the region-end, and all works fine during normal
    FS> processing. However, in the region-body, we occassionally will have wider
    FS> than normal blocks, for example to hold tables, that we want to extend into
    FS> the region-end if needed. This works fine as well. The problem occurs when
    FS> a somewhat long float begins just before the table. The text of the float
    FS> overlaps the body text. Is there any way to compensate for this? A quick
    FS> example is attached - any help is much appreciated!

    FS> Steve

    FS> <<>>

    FS> Steve Fusti
    FS> Web Developer

    FS> CCBN
    FS> 343 Congress Street, Suite 5100
    FS> Boston, MA 02210
    FS> ph: 617.603.7747
    FS> cell: 617.645.5246

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