Re: [xep-support] Can RenderX be used for non FO XSLT/XML processing?

From: Jim Melton (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 10:43:08 PST

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    Sorry, but the purpose of RenderX's product XEP is to *render* XSL FO into
    some other form, such as PDF or PostScript.

    I think you're looking for an XSLT transformation engine that *transforms*
    XML into something else, including another XML document (including, but
    definitely not limited to, XSL FO), HTML, plain text, etc.

    I have long been a fan of Michael Kay's no-cost XSLT engine, Saxon. The
    most recent version of Saxon even has some support for the emerging XSLT
    2.0 specification, while still fully supporting XSLT 1.0. You can find
    this engine readily by Googling for it, or by going to

    There are many other XSLT engines, of course, including some from
    Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and others.

    Hope this helps,

    At 22:09 2003-12-17 Wednesday, Randolph Kahle wrote:
    >I would like to use the client version of RenderX to transform any XML
    >document into another XML document using my custom XSLT document.
    >The documentation about the command-line use of RenderX is confusing to me.
    >Would someone help me perfect the command to run RenderX and:
    > * Accept test.xsl as the XSLT transformation sheet
    > * Accept test.xml as the XML document to be transformed
    > * Output to out.xml the transformation of test.xml via templates
    > in test.xsl
    >Thanks and regards,

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