Re: [xep-support] Can RenderX be used for non FO XSLT/XML processing?

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Thu Dec 18 2003 - 03:30:21 PST

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    Hello Randolph,

    XEP is an XSL FO processing tool, it can take XML and XSLT stylesheet
    as an input but only if respective transformation would generate valid
    XSL FO. The output of XEP is always a printable format, either PDF or
    If you need to perform arbitrary XSLT transformation you should use
    dedicated XSLT transformation engine, i.e. Saxon or Xalan.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    RK> I would like to use the client version of RenderX to transform any XML
    RK> document into another XML document using my custom XSLT document.

    RK> The documentation about the command-line use of RenderX is confusing to
    RK> me.

    RK> Would someone help me perfect the command to run RenderX and:

    RK> * Accept test.xsl as the XSLT transformation sheet

    RK> * Accept test.xml as the XML document to be transformed

    RK> * Output to out.xml the transformation of test.xml via templates in
    RK> test.xsl

    RK> Thanks and regards,

    RK> Randy

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