RE: [xep-support] Conditionally outputting a block

From: James Murphy (
Date: Thu Nov 27 2003 - 01:54:48 PST

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    JM> Simple question (probably demanding of a fiendishly clever

    > I can't say that I understand your problem well...

    I'll try again (-:

    I have a document that generates very nicely - It consists of multiple
    sections which have the same formatting - most sections cover several
    pages, within each sections are items that are kept together. Each
    section starts on a new page to aid the reader in locating the
    information they require. This all works, the pagination is perfect,
    keep-together does exactly what is needed, (I have page numbering, odd
    and even page headers and footers, and even a page which switches from 1
    column to two for a nice toc/index). The easy stuff I've more or less
    got nailed (-: I will definitely have it nailed after I've done the next
    document (same theory, more complex formatting rules).

    Now the challenge:

    When the document is generated there is usually a large chunk of blank
    white space on the last page of each section - this is to be expected as
    there is a page break before a section starts. It would be nice if I
    could stick something into that white space when - and only when - there
    is sufficient space for it to fit (for extra credit one would fit one of
    a choice of somethings depending on the size of the available space).
    Which was, I thought, fairly well expressed by:

    JM> Question - is it possible to define a block (or even better, blocks
    JM> plural) that are only output if there is room for them on the
    JM> page?

    The aim is to do something useful with the blank spaces without having
    to resort to post processing the document with a full blown copy of
    acrobat as we want to be able to regenerate the document in a
    semi-automatic fashion.

    James Murphy

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