Re: [xep-support] keep-with problem in 2 columns

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Mon Nov 10 2003 - 02:45:44 PST

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    Hello Matt,

    Block with span="all" makes formatter balance all previous content.
    As you have pointed out, in the current version of XEP this balancing
    cancels effect of the keeps. We will address this issue in the future
    versions of XEP.

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    MT> Hi,

    MT> I'm having difficulties keeping two blocks together within one column on
    MT> a two column page when those two blocks are followed by a third block
    MT> that spans both columns. The first two blocks split so that one is in
    MT> each of the two columns. This does not occur if the third block does
    MT> not span both columns. It appears as if the span="all" attribute of the
    MT> third block forces the other two to be leveled in some fashion.


    MT> Please see the attached example xsl:fo file for clearer explanation.


    MT> Thanks in advance for any help,

    MT> Matt Turner

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