Re: [xep-support] XEP and SVG

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 12:59:15 PDT

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    > NG> We support 'style' attribute, but not yet stylesheets. CSS is embedded
    > NG> too deep into SVG for any implementation to ignore it completely.
    > A generator can ignore it completely. A reader that ignores it gets
    > email on their support list ;-)

    Right :-). We are aware about the problem, and are working
    on it; support for CSS (at least CSS1) will be available in the
    not-so-distant future.

    > NG> and W3C SVG test suite contains CSS constructs even in tests
    > NG> unrelated to CSS proper.
    > Please point to them. I happen to remember that we ran a script
    > over the whole suite to turn them into formatting attributes, and the
    > instructions for the working group on making new tests say to use
    > formatting attributes unless testing CSS.

    I went to the W3C site and indeed, there were no traces of CSS
    except for CSS-specific tests. CSS style attributes were abundant
    in the SVG 1.0 Test Suite, and there were still some in my copy
    of SVG 1.1 Test Suite (downloaded about a year ago); but
    apparently things have changed since that. Sorry for making
    false statements.

    In any case, I believe that the mere presence of CSS-related tests
    in the suite for Basic SVG is enough to inspire the feeling
    of CSS as being integral part of SVG, so my statement about
    "privileged" status of CSS in SVG still holds.

    > NG> We would like not to implement CSS at all since
    > NG> there is XSL; it looks however that we have no chance :-).
    > The property names in CSS and XSL are harmonized as far as
    > possible, so the effort is not to great in fact. Its just a case of
    > doing the cascade, really.

    I agree. Our delay in implementing SVG stems from our
    underestimation of how widespread it is among SVG
    generators. Now we have come to adjusting the priorities.

    > Yes, it was a good suggestion. If its not scaled, and doesn't
    > fit, it should be drawn but clipped, no?

    We will consider it a request for enhancement :-).


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