Re: [xep-support] XEP and SVG

From: Chris Lilley (
Date: Fri Oct 24 2003 - 11:42:04 PDT

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    On Friday, October 24, 2003, 4:11:28 PM, Nikolai wrote:

    NG> Chris,

    >> NG> Your image uses CSS selectors for styling. We don't support CSS
    >> NG> stylesheets in SVG.

    >> A pity.

    NG> The work is underway.

    >> NG> a specific styling technology like CSS; I wonder if there is a switch
    >> NG> somewhere in CorelDraw to disable it).
    >> There is. Tell it to use formatting attributes instead.

    NG> A pity that CSS is on by default.

    I don't know which is the default in Corel Draw without deleting it
    and reinstalling it.

    >> !! so, its still using CSS !! but a part of CSS that you implement,
    >> since the selector is implicit.

    NG> We support 'style' attribute, but not yet stylesheets. CSS is embedded
    NG> too deep into SVG for any implementation to ignore it completely.

    A generator can ignore it completely. A reader that ignores it gets
    email on their support list ;-)

    NG> SVG 1.1 Recommendation uses CSS 'style' attribute in samples
    NG> throughout the text (not necessarily to illustrate CSS styling);

    Really? There might be a few, but in general its formatting attributes
    in a the examples.

    NG> and W3C SVG test suite contains CSS constructs even in tests
    NG> unrelated to CSS proper.

    Please point to them. I happen to remember that we ran a script over
    the whole suite to turn them into formatting attributes, and the
    instructions for the working group on making new tests say to use
    formatting attributes unless testing CSS.

    NG> We would like not to implement CSS at all since
    NG> there is XSL; it looks however that we have no chance :-).

    The property names in CSS and XSL are harmonized as far as possible,
    so the effort is not to great in fact. Its just a case of doing the
    cascade, really.

    >> NG> moving all styling info to entities;
    >> Why?

    NG> Because it can be done with a ten-line Perl script,
    NG> and I had the script at hand. No special meaning here.

    Okay. Sometimes it makes the file shorter, other times it doesn't.

    >> Corel Draw, like Illustrator and many other originally
    >> print-oriented tools, makes the author select a 'paper size'
    >> for a new drawing. The width and height here are those
    >> of A4 paper.

    I should have added 'and not those of the bounding box of the actual

    NG> When a graphic is put onto a page in XSL, it receives
    NG> a half-leading white space before and after the image
    NG> (because it is an inline element). When you insert
    NG> an A4-sized image on an A4 page, it does not fit.

    Clearly. Thats why the default values for width and height attributes
    on the svg element are 100%. Makes it scalable ... however,
    paper-oriented software has a distressing tendency to write fixed
    values in there.

    NG> This mistake is very common, and I suspect that Stefan
    NG> felt into the trap (otherwise XEP would have drawn
    NG> something - even without styling). That's why I felt
    NG> useful to remind about the necessity to scale the image.

    Yes, it was a good suggestion. If its not scaled, and doesn't fit,
    it should be drawn but clipped, no?

    NG> Regards,
    NG> Nikolai Grigoriev
    NG> RenderX

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