RE: [xep-support] start-indent= attribute value for imbedded blkock area's

From: G. Ken Holman (
Date: Sat Sep 13 2003 - 14:24:39 PDT

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    At 2003-09-13 20:53 +0200, Arjan Loeffen wrote:
    >Thanks, that did it. I however do not understand the reason for
    >inheriting the start-indent value in FO. Can you explain why that is so?

    Because inheritance is based on the formatting object tree, not on any
    semantics of the formatting objects. Formatting object traits are derived
    during the refinement of the formatting object tree.

    The semantics of the formatting objects govern the creation of the area
    tree *after* the traits have been inherited by the properties, so by then
    the start-indent has already been interpreted as a trait of the descendents
    of the table.

    I hope this helps.

    ................ Ken

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