[xep-support] vertical block alignment

From: Jack Broeren (jbroeren@ambrac.nl)
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 04:13:27 PDT

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    Hi there,

    i have been strugling the last few days with a toc problem:
    what i want is the following:

    it's a two columns toc and every item should be like:

    NR some title text pagenr

    NR is a chapter number: should be right aligned: is no problem
    'some title text' is the chapter text: should be aligned left and
    can span multiple lines: no problem either
    pagenr is the pagenr: it should be aligned right and at the
    same height as the last line of chapter text: here the puzzle starts

    I tried the <fo:leader> in a block with the 'text-align-last="justify"'
    attribute but sometimes the pagenr gets pushed to the new line and i get
    a line like:
             1 9

    I tried nested fo-list blocks but i can't find a way to get the pagenr
    at the same height as the last line of the chapter title.

    I am obviously missing something simple, i hope. Can anyone tell me
    what it is ?

    kind regards,

            Jack Broeren (Ambrac)

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