Re: [xep-support] Linking From/To SVG Graphics

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 13:15:33 PDT

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    > I haven't had a chance to experiment with the new SVG support in XEP,
    > but I'm wondering what, if any, support it provides for creating links
    > out of and into SVG graphics?

    Currently, there is no support for links in SVG. There are serious technical
    issues to prevent its easy implementation: the concept of linking is just
    too different in SVG and in PDF/PostScript, and full implementation
    is impossible (e.g one cannot have a non-rectangular hot area in PDF).

    > For example, I would like to be able to
    > make items in a flow chart links to either supporting documentation or
    > other flow charts. By the same token, I would like to be able to link to
    > specific graphic objects.

    It looks very appealing indeed. We will see how it can be done; but in any
    case, it is not going to appear soon - too many things have to be rearranged
    inside XEP.

    Nikolai Grigoriev

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