Re: [xep-support] URL resolution

From: Werner Donné (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 08:49:58 PDT

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    You also have to implement URLConnection.getContentType() of course. Otherwise
    XEP doesn't know what to do with the stream. The method should return the MIME type.


    John Meyer wrote:
    > Does xep provide any hooks to use application url resolution? Due to
    > security and design considerations, our application uses and internal
    > naming system and does not directly expose any of its contents via URL.
    > Unforetunately, I can’t find any way to allow the xep pdf producer to
    > find images in our database using our naming system. For xsl
    > transformations, we use the JAXP URIResolver interface and related
    > methods. I am hoping a similar solution could be used in the H4PDF class.
    > John Meyer
    > Senior Software Engineer
    > Clinician Support Technology

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