Re: [xep-support] column index in rx:flow-section

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 03:50:03 PDT

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    > When using an rx:flow-section, is there any XSLT variable or function
    > available to determine when a new column has been started?

    It is impossible to track at XSLT level. The formatter receives an XSL FO
    instance as output: no information ever flows back to influence XSLT

    > Failing that, is
    > there any variable or function to return the current column?

    No, there is nothing of the kind. It could be an element (something like
    <fo:column-number>); but there is no provision for that in XSL

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev
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