Re: [xep-support] More on <rx:page-index>: feature request

From: Jirka Kosek (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 12:21:16 PST

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    David Tolpin wrote:

    > firstly, I am not sure one would normally use start-range/end-range markup
    > for index ranges. In my opinion, attaching indices to block structure is a more
    > natural approach.

    In my writing practise there are many cases where attaching index entry
    to block structure doesn't work. Imagine situation where some container
    block like chapter or section contains many paragraphs. But only 3 or 4
    consequent paragraphs of them describe some topic which should go into
    index. Using start/end-range is only solution here.

    I see index as as something which can go far beyond strictly
    hierarchical nature of XML.


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