Re: [xep-support] Pdflib internal error.

From: David Tolpin (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 10:21:50 PST

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    > I don't know if it is related to this temporary workaround or not, but when generating AT format, XEP creates a directory (to store image files) with a name that is not correctly formed: If there is a dot in the file name, then only the part of the name that is before the dot is used.
    > Examples:
    > AT file name | directory name
    > -----------------------------
    > foo.xep | foo_files
    > | foo_files
    > I think you should trim from the last dot in a name, not the first, or even
    > not trim at all: "".

    Yes, the code for H4XML is undermaintained; the next feature release (3.5) will
    include a different XEP backend; we've somehow didn't pay enough attention
    to this functionality since it was not used much. The situation has changed
    recently and we have several customers using intermediate representation for
    custom applications.

    This bug (as all as the previous one) is fixed in the just released 3.3.1. The directory
    is created for images. Images are copied to the directory and not just
    referenced so that a user can move the target file as a single archive.
    A similar approach is used by many popular HTML browsers.

    Again, we are actively working on a rewrite of this particular backend.
    More options and convenience features will be available.

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