RE: [xep-support] Passing param values from command line

From: Geurt Lagemaat (
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 11:20:45 PST

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    >You can specify transformation parameters directly on the command line, as
    a name=value pairs:

    >transform.bat -xml source.xml
    > -xsl MyStylesheet.xsl
    > -out MyResult.pdf
    > "volume=18"
    > "volume.number=1"
    > "volume.year=2002"

    >Note the quotes around parameters. They are required by Windows: without
    them, command processor splits argumemts by the >'=' sign.

    Thank you for you're fast replay.

    I did forget the quotes. However I have some problems left. Only the first
    parameter is passed to the stylesheet, all others are ignored. In this
    example only "volume=18" is passed. "volume.number=1" is passed when i put
    this param first on the commandline.

    I'm running on MS Windows 2000 and using XEP client 3.13. Any idea on this


    Geurt Lagemaat
    Oriana Automatisering

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