RE: [xep-support] Another float question

Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 02:24:12 PST

Hi Nikolai,

> It's hard to say. I'd rather say that XEP is OK: the area occupied by the
> on the first page is taken out of the flow, but the rest of the page is
> available for the regular text, why not?

The problem is that these pictures belong together and after the second
one there's a legend explaining the pictures. If the first picture is
separated from the second by text, this means there's a page with a
picture but without a legend, which looks like the legend is missing.
If the space below the picture would be empty, it would be clear
that this picture, the picture on the next page and the legend on the
next page belong together.

> However, with XEP 3.1x
> you can scale images just enough to fit the available horizontal space;
> maybe this can help to keep them on a single page?

I'm afraid not, because I need a generic solution. There could be 5 pictures
inside the float, and it wouldn't work to keep them all on one page.

> In a broader perspective: what kind of layout are you trying to achieve
> with these big floating pictures? Maybe we can find some other

The float object represents a figure in an article. A figure consists of
one or more graphic files and a legend (several graphic files are needed
in case of subfigures, e.g. there's an image for Fig. 2a and one for Fig.
Since all this is one logical unit, I don't want it separated by e.g. other
text of the article. I hope there is a way to achieve this.


Matthias Belz <>
Electronic Technologies, Springer-Verlag Heidelberg
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