Re: [xep-support] Another float question

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 07:47:04 PST wrote:

> The problem is that these pictures belong together and after the second
> one there's a legend explaining the pictures. If the first picture is
> separated from the second by text, this means there's a page with a
> picture but without a legend, which looks like the legend is missing.
> If the space below the picture would be empty, it would be clear
> that this picture, the picture on the next page and the legend on the
> next page belong together.

Have you considered using a table and putting the caption in the header
or footer so that it will be repeated on subsequent pages? It would
require you to know where to put the table in the FO sequence to get it
to start a page, but then if the figures required multiple pages, you
would get the effect you require.

I suppose this really represents a new FO requirement: ability to have a
table act as a before float such that the first page of a multi-page
table is before floated and any subsequent pages of the table can just
behave normally (that is, occupy as much of the initial body area as
they require.

Otherwise, the behavior of multi-page floats would be underspecified at
best in the current FO spec. it would seem to me.



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