Re: [xep-support] Feature Request: Separate User Font Configuration File

From: W. Eliot Kimber (
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 18:16:08 PST

Gustaf Liljegren wrote:
> Eliot wrote:
>>I think it might be useful to provide for a second, local font
>>configuration file. This would avoid the need to re-work font
>>configuration files when a new release of XEP is release and y'all have
>>added more font configurations or otherwise changed the file.
> Like Nikolai showed me before, you can achieve more flexibility by using
> common XML entities. And you don't have to store all the files in the same
> directory. Make subdirectories in /afm for each group of fonts. Parts of my
> fonts.xml file:

I didn't provide a complete requirement spec: I want to be able to
specify the user font file as a run-time option, either as a Java
property or as a command-line option. The entity approach doesn't
satisfy that requirement. But otherwise, yes, entities will work just fine.

I realize now that I have been so brain damaged by XML that I don't even
think about using external text entities any more. This from someone who
literally learned SGML at the feet of Charles Goldfarb :-)



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