Re: [xep-support] Feature Request: Separate User Font Configuration File

From: Gustaf Liljegren (
Date: Sat Nov 09 2002 - 16:52:20 PST

Eliot wrote:

>I think it might be useful to provide for a second, local font
>configuration file. This would avoid the need to re-work font
>configuration files when a new release of XEP is release and y'all have
>added more font configurations or otherwise changed the file.

Like Nikolai showed me before, you can achieve more flexibility by using
common XML entities. And you don't have to store all the files in the same
directory. Make subdirectories in /afm for each group of fonts. Parts of my
fonts.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE fonts [
  <!ENTITY frutiger SYSTEM "frutiger.ent">
  <!ENTITY galliard SYSTEM "galliard.ent">
  <!ENTITY palatino SYSTEM "palatino.ent">


<!-- Adobe standard fonts here -->

Here's how frutiger.ent looks like:

<font name="Frutiger-Light"
  <alias name="Frutiger Light"/>

<!-- 4 other font variants here -->

As you see, the file calls for font files in /xep/afm/frutiger.

I think if anything is missing, that would be the possibility to call fonts
in any directory, not just in /afm. Another feature I could think of would
be a user's area on the RenderX website for preconfigured font modules (if
there is such a thing). It's tedious and error-prone to write
"frutiger/12Fr45L02.pfa" or "stoneserif/sr______.pfb"!


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